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Will the Criminal Case Take Long?

Serious criminal courts deal with crimes that require the sanction of a prison sentence of more than 10 years. These cases, the trial process of which can take a long time, can be concluded in a period of 1 or 3 years. The course of the investigation and prosecution stages of the case is highly influential on this period. The number of defendants, objections, and collection of evidence may take time, and the presence of cases that extend to the Supreme Court may extend this period. For this reason, it would be wrong to specify an exact number. As a result, the principle of the individuality of the punishment is followed and the trial is carried out taking into account many details in the current case.

How many years does the Criminal Court sentence at least?

On the basis of the first instance criminal proceedings contained in the law, the most serious crimes are tried by the assize criminal court. In the cases considered by these courts, crimes that are sanctioned for more than 10 years are tried. crimes for which a prison sentence of 10 years and less than 10 years is foreseen fall within the scope of the duty of the criminal court of first instance. For this reason, a prison sentence of more than 10 years should be imposed for the crime to be tried by the serious criminal courts. As an example of these punishments, looting, extortion and qualified fraud crimes can be given as examples. Again, crimes committed against the existence and integrity of the state are also among the crimes in the field of duty of this court.

What are the crimes that require severe punishment?

The crimes in the cases under consideration by the high criminal courts have a more severe criminal sanction than those that fall within the remit of other courts. At the beginning of the crimes that require severe punishment, there are crimes that require life sentences and severe life imprisonment. Life and severe life imprisonment sentences are provided for crimes such as looting, intentional manslaughter, embezzlement, qualified fraud. Again, crimes that require a prison sentence of more than 10 years are followed by a serious criminal court. In addition, crimes such as forming an organization that threatens the unity and integrity of the state, supplying weapons, violating the constitution, assassinating the president, disclosing state secrets and international espionage require severe punishment. In addition, the manufacture and trade of narcotic substances is also within this scope and requires severe punishment.

The criminal court of first instance is among the most basic courts of the criminal Decisional system. All cases and cases that other criminal courts do not take part in fall under the jurisdiction of the criminal court of first instance. Criminal trials are carried out in courts such as the high criminal court, the juvenile court, the criminal court of first instance, the criminal court of intellectual and industrial rights, and the juvenile high criminal court. However, the main courts responsible for conducting criminal trials are the primary criminal and heavy criminal courts. Other criminal courts other than these two courts appear as special courts established by special laws. So, how long do criminal cases of first instance take ?

How Long Do Criminal Cases Take on Average?

One of the most curious issues related to the trial process of those who are harmed by the crime or in the position of the accused

one of them is the answer to the question of how long criminal cases of first instance last. Criminal Courts of First Instance usually serve in crimes that require a prison sentence of 10 years or less. According to the new target time application, the target time has been set for the cases heard in these courts to be concluded within 300 to 390 days.

It is quite difficult to give a clear deadline for when exactly criminal cases of first instance will be decided. Because each file and crime type needs to be evaluated in its own way. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to get help from a lawyer who is an expert in his field. Because the defense without a lawyer in court can lead to much more serious consequences in criminal trials.

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