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The debtor or the debtor to the address of enforcement proceedings after becoming aware of a payment order after it has been communicated; the Executive Office and the way it’s written in the payment order never apply to a debt, but in the end, the amount specified in the payment order where it is not, the statute of limitations has expired, yet the term is not contingent, or for reasons such as the absence of the signature itself may appeal under the deed. Since no substantive examination has been carried out, it is clear that only the submission of a statement of objection will be sufficient to stop the enforcement proceedings. The statement of objection is not subject to any form and can be made orally by taking minutes by the enforcement directorate as well as by written statement.

Where Is the Objection to the Pay Order Made?

As a debtor, an objection may be made to the paymentor by stating the reasons for the objection before the enforcement office where the proceedings were initiated, or simply by stating that the objection was made. If it is not possible to object at the enforcement directorate where the prosecution was initiated, a statement of objection may also be submitted to the nearest and most accessible enforcement directorate to be sent to the enforcement directorate where the prosecution is located.

How Long is the Pay Order Appeal Period?

According to the provisions of the Execution and Bankruptcy Law; The period of objection to execution is 7 days in execution proceedings without notice. This period begins to operate from the date of notification of the paymentor’s order to the debtor. However, if the debtor has not been able to make an objection for an obstacle reason without his own fault within the time limit, he can make a “delayed objection” within 3 days from the date of the elimination of the obstacle.

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