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Is It a Crime to Take Audio Recordings?

Is It a Crime to Take Audio Recordings?

With the rapid development of technology, it has become very easy to get audio and video recording (camera recording). People are looking for the answer to this question with calls made to see if it is a crime to take a voice recording.

The availability of images and audio recordings taken without the permission of individuals, especially in legal matters and the confidentiality of personal data, creates controversy. The criterion sought in order for the receipt of audio or video recordings to be a crime is how these recordings were obtained.

Since it is illegal to record audio and video recordings without someone’s consent, it will not be possible to use these data as evidence, and the person receiving the recording will have committed an act that constitutes a crime in terms of the Turkish Criminal Code. Even without the consent of the person, there are certain conditions for these records to be used as evidence, that is, to be accepted in accordance with the law.

Is It a Crime to Record Audio?

The Decriminalizing act here is the recording of private conversations between people. What is meant by private is whether it is made public or not. If conversations between people require special efforts to be heard by third parties, this conversation is not a public conversation. Dec. In other words, conversations that are not made an effort to be heard by other third parties are public and everyone will be able to hear them easily. Therefore, recording public conversations constitutes this crime.

Therefore, it should be said that if the audio recordings and video recordings obtained, photo shoots and video shoots are made in the above-mentioned cases, they constitute these crimes contained in the Turkish Criminal Law. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that these records are obtained in accordance with the law and do not constitute a crime.

As a result, receiving an unauthorized audio recording is a crime under the Turkish Criminal Code, and the content of the audio recording and the reason for receiving the audio recording can eliminate the criminal element in some cases.

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