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Criminal lawyer is the name given to lawyers who have focused on Criminal Law and have increased their experience with transactions and disputes arising from Criminal Law. Criminal lawyers take an active role in criminal cases that are deeply related to individual life and have a significant impact as a result. The most important of the duties performed by a criminal lawyer is to defend the legal rights and interests of his client during the trial. A successful criminal lawyer can change a person’s life and ensure that he gets out of very difficult situations without problems.

In the Turkish Legal System, there is no legal activity that includes a branch such as a criminal lawyer or a serious criminal lawyer. However, lawyers who specialize in criminal cases and are mostly engaged in disputes arising from Criminal Law and who have trained themselves in this field are called criminal lawyers or serious criminal lawyers in practice. The duties and responsibilities assumed by criminal lawyers who take an active role in trials related to the freedom of the individual and the order of society are quite heavy. Therefore, it will be quite useful to act together with a competent and experienced lawyer.

The importance of the criminal lawyer, who is charged with establishing the relationship of interest between the people he defends in Decisively, in terms of the course and outcome of the current case, is very great. In fact, in the vernacular, it has been identified with the phrase “a lawyer who takes a man from a rope”, which proves how valuable a function a criminal lawyer has. The most important duty of a professional lawyer is to carry out a study that helps to ensure that the criminal case is concluded in accordance with the law and to act to protect the legal rights of the person.

A Criminal Lawyer operating in transactions and cases arising from Criminal Law and Criminal Law, which is an area directly related to the freedom of persons, ensures that suspects or defendants are defended before the judiciary. They are called “defenders” when performing their defense.

What is a Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal lawyer is the name given to lawyers who work mostly on Criminal Law and devote a large part of their work to cases arising from Criminal Law, even though there is no legal definition in the profession of a lawyer. A criminal lawyer is a lawyer who defends those who are considered suspects in criminal cases and then those who are accused, and takes an important role in transactions and disputes arising from Criminal Law.

According to the Law on Advocacy, lawyers have the freedom to defend the legal rights of their clients in cases arising from different sub-headings of the law. Therefore, lawyers can concentrate on different legal disciplines such as Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Labor Law. Lawyers who are engaged in Criminal law and mostly operate in legal transactions and cases arising from this field are referred to as criminal lawyers.

What is the Duty of a Criminal Lawyer?

A criminal lawyer who works to ensure that his clients are subject to a lawful trial in criminal cases works very meticulously so that the client he defends is not wronged. Basically, the other duties of the criminal lawyer who works on behalf of the non-application of sanctions that restrict the freedom of his client are as follows:

To ensure the protection of legal rights by performing the defense of the persons he acts as,

Collecting evidence in accordance with the law during the investigation process,

To submit the collected evidence to the court where the case is heard,

To ensure the use of judicial means by appealing the decision from the court,

It can be sorted in the form. As can be seen, it is essential that a criminal lawyer who undertakes very important and vital tasks is an expert lawyer with experience.

How Does a Criminal Lawyer Defend?

The defense carried out by the criminal lawyer aims at the manifestation of the truth about the current incident on the legal ground. In line with this goal, it shapes its defense and applies all kinds of legal ways and methods to strengthen its defense.

The collection of existing allegations by the prosecutor’s office and their submission in the form of a document is called an indictment. With the preparation of the indictment, the criminal lawyer begins his work to defend the allegations against the people he defends.

The most basic motivation of a criminal lawyer is to ensure that his clients are tried in accordance with the law and to show all the work necessary for this trial to manifest. In addition, he pays attention to certain main points while making his defense. The correct identification and determination of the characteristics and qualities of the crime in question and the realization of the most accurate defense upon detection is one of the issues that the criminal lawyer pays attention to when making his defense. Because, in order to achieve a positive result, it is essential to make a defense in accordance with the nature and quality of the crime in the indictment during the defense process.

Criminal lawyers who exert an extremely valuable influence on the course of criminal cases should have different qualifications. For example, in order to be able to make the most accurate and powerful defense in criminal cases that cause serious consequences, it is necessary to have gained experience with precedent cases. By using the authority given by the law in the most correct way, he should examine the relevant laws and apply them in a way that will have a positive impact on his client’s case.

Acting together with the best criminal lawyer in criminal cases that cause important consequences, such as restricting a person’s freedom, is the right step to take in order to have a favorable outcome. A successful criminal lawyer examines the current case in depth, evaluates all the issues and details in the litigation process and ensures that the outcome is positive in a short time. For this reason, a person should be very meticulous and selective when choosing a criminal lawyer.

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