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How to File for Divorce Due to Violence?

How to File for Divorce Due to Violence?

How to File for Divorce Due to Violence?

According to the laws adopted in our country, the competent courts dealing with divorce issues are family courts. But if there is no family court in the place where it is lived, the petition is submitted to the courts of first instance. The application must be made in person or through a lawyer who is given a power of attorney.
In divorce cases filed due to violence, it is generally expected that the violent person will receive a report of assault.In cases where the person subjected to violence cannot prove the situation, the testimony of witnesses may be resorted to.Violence does not necessarily have to be physical for a divorce to take place. The concept of psychological violence is also treated in a different way in the Civil Code.

Proof of Violence in Divorce Case

In divorce cases, if people want to leave for a violent reason, these people should go to the authorized institutions and get reports of beatings. These are official documents that people can prove violence.

In order for people who have experienced violence during the divorce court to be able to prove this situation, the reports of beatings taken from their doctors should be indicated in their files. This is evidence that people have been violent.

Punishment for Violence against a Pregnant Woman

As a punishment for committing violence to a pregnant woman, people can be sentenced from 2 to 5 years. However, this may also vary depending on the reason for opening the case or the severity of the situation.

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