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How to File a Defamation Lawsuit?

How to File a Defamation Lawsuit?

How to File a Defamation Lawsuit?

By following this content of ours, you can access information about the crime of defamation and the steps you should take when you are exposed to this crime. Defamation crimes are crimes committed by attributing or blaspheming certain actions or facts that could damage the honor, dignity and prestige of a person. The purpose of a defamation conviction is to protect human dignity, honor and dignity. This crime can take two different forms. One is a crime of insult, which can be committed with blasphemy, and the other is a crime of insult by attributing certain facts.

What are the Types of Defamation Crimes?

In all crimes, they are divided according to their types, these crimes are named according to their types and the way they are carried out. Some criminal qualities are given below.

The Crime of Insult Due to Mere Cursing

The offense of insult for the mere reason of cursing was realized solely for the reason of saying a slang word (blasphemy) to a person in some way. In order for this crime to occur, it is not necessary to say a bad word; it is also possible that it may be in a different way in the style of writing, painting, and hand movement.

Offense Of Insult Through The Attribution Of A Concrete Act Or Fact

If a certain verb or fact is attributed to a person by specifying details such as place-time-place in such insulting acts, if the event / action is of a nature to harm honor, honor and dignity, the insult takes place. It’s the fault of the person. Thirdly, although whether the incident is real or not has no effect on the occurrence of the crime, the perpetrator will not be punished in some cases within the scope of issues such as the right to report and the right to criticism. For legal reasons. If the crime is proven and a final conviction decision is made about the accused, the material elements of the crime will not occur.

How is the Offense of Defamation Proven?

The proof of the offense of insult is possible in various ways. For example, through various correspondence methods such as Letters, Sms, Whatsapp, E-mail or through security camera recordings. Such evidence can be valid in the sense of proof, as well as proof with a witness is also possible if it takes place in the presence of witnesses. Voice recordings taken without the person’s knowledge and permission are called contrary to the law. The ability to use such evidence is evaluated and used in cases where the victim cannot prove the crime with other evidence. Finally, the authority that will decide whether to use the collected evidence related to the offense of defamation is the supreme court.

What is the Punishment for the Offense of Insult?

The penalties for the offense of insult vary according to the manner and elements of the offense. By applying to Kalemci Law Firm, you can get the most ideal information about your case. The punishment for the offense of defamation is enshrined in the law as a prison sentence from 3 months to 2 years. Depending on the way the incident is handled, this penalty may increase or decrease.

How to File a Defamation Lawsuit?

There are a number of actions you should take when faced with an insult. Since this type of crime is a complaint-related crime, a complaint must be filed by the victim within 6 months from the date the act occurred. In addition to all these, persons who are exposed to crime can apply directly to the Public prosecutors’ offices through the law offices October.

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