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Urban Transformation Lawyer

Urban Transformation Lawyer

What is urban transformation? What transactions is the urban transformation lawyer interested in? for the answer to questions such as, it is necessary to explain the term urban transformation. Urban transformation is the systematic transformation of a large part of the city within the scope of a project. This transformation takes the form of demolishing illegal structures and buildings that are not resistant to earthquakes and replacing them with new buildings that are resistant to disasters and in harmony with the integrity of the city, or strengthening the structures. Urban transformation entered our lives with the Law No. 6306 on the Division of Areas at Risk of Disaster, which was enacted in 2012. The law in question is briefly mentioned as the Urban Transformation Law No. 6306.

So where is the urban transformation lawyer in this public work? The urban transformation lawyer briefly checks whether it is acting in accordance with the legislation, shows the ways that the parties should follow, prepares a joint decision protocol, manages the concept and main project selection process and the process of obtaining housing for the building, deals with cancellation cases, deals with legal problems such as the contractor’s non-compliance with the contract. It provides legal consultancy and case follow-up services to the contractor or owners in all legal matters related to the urban transformation process.

Due to the high level of construction, urban transformation lawyer is located intensively in the province of Istanbul. Bayrampasa, Besiktas, Beyoglu, Bağcılar, Esenler, Kağıthane, Şişli … There are urban transformation projects in almost every part of Istanbul, especially in large districts such as Bağcılar, Kağıthane, Şişli …. If you work with an expert lawyer on urban transformation, the loss of rights will be minimized and the person will both save time and will not suffer monetary losses.

What is Urban Transformation Consultancy with Urban Transformation Lawyer?

Some legal disputes in the urban transformation process can be resolved through litigation, while others can be resolved without the need for a lawsuit. What is urban transformation consultancy? There is often no need to file a lawsuit on some other issues related to the preparation of construction and investment contracts, how to provide relocation and rental assistance to owners, the identification of a risky structure and how to manage the urban transformation process. Urban transformation consultancy service is provided in these matters. On the other hand, urban transformation legal consultancy service is necessary not only for the owner but also for the contractor. For example, urban transformation lawyer provides legal consultancy services on issues such as how to get a settlement.

Urban transformation cancellation cases, warnings to be sent to the owners who vote negatively and in cases filed against urban transformation, urban transformation attorney service is provided with case follow-up. Urban transformation advocacy is also an area where both parties can be served, such as urban transformation consulting. For example, an urban transformation lawyer can provide legal services to the contracting party in lawsuits filed against the owner who did not vacate the apartment to prevent the demolition process, or in recourse to other owners for damages that may arise.

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