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How Long Will the Drug Case Take ?

How Long Will the Drug Case Take ?

How Long Will the Drug Case Take ?

Drug cases are cases heard by high criminal courts. There will also be some differences in terms of Decriminalization between using or possessing drugs and trafficking them. It will be important for the persons who are the subjects of criminal cases to be represented by a criminal lawyer in order not to suffer a loss of rights. A person who uses or possesses a drug substance will be likely to be punished for a period of December 2-5 years. The supply or possession of stimulant substances for the purpose of using narcotic substances is defined as a crime in the law. Jul. People who trade in drugs may face various penalties. These penalties may be imprisonment for not less than 10 years, as well as fines in large amounts.

The court that will take action against the crime of using, buying or possessing narcotic substances will be the criminal court of first instance. Since the crime of drug possession and the crime of trafficking will be evaluated in two separate ways, there will also be differences in terms of the functioning and duration of the cases. The reasons determining the increase in the rate of punishment applied to people who possess drugs for the purpose of using them are that the person possesses or uses this substance at a distance of more than 200 meters from public or public areas. The prison sentence can be up to 7 years in these cases. The public prosecutor will be able to prosecute the suspect on behalf of the public through evidence. The public prosecutor may also decide to postpone the public trial of the suspect for up to five years. In this case, the suspect must act in accordance with the obligations reported to him for five years.

How Long Do Drug Cases Take

The accused is injured by the principle of probation during the treatment period and another year can be added to this period when the treatment is over. The extension of this period cannot exceed three years. If it is decided that there is no room for prosecution against the accused, the case will end. Otherwise, it will be unclear how long the trial process will be, as it will be ruled that the case will continue. Even if the average period defined for such cases is determined as 300 days, the developments in the course of the case will be effective in changing the duration.

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